Work-Life Balance Is Becoming Work-Life Integration

  • Look at how you spend your time. Are your hobbies the complete opposite of what you do for work? Ideally, you should be working at something you enjoy and would choose to do anyway. Consider what you do when you have free time and see how that relates to your career path.
  • Write down your personal and professional goals. Are your goals working together, or is it impossible to achieve your personal and professional goals? With work as life, there shouldn’t be a differentiation between personal and professional goals.
  • Think of how you are treated at work. Do you feel empowered and appreciated when you go to work? Don’t waste time working for an organization where you don’t enjoy going to work. Find a place where you are treated with respect.
  • Set long-term goals and aim high. It’s easy to get into a routine and not think long-term. Don’t be afraid to set lofty personal and professional goals for yourself. If your current path isn’t getting you to those goals, re-think what you’re doing.
  • Consider your values. Because work and life are so intertwined, you want to work for an organization that has the same values you do. Taking the time to find a place that aligns with your beliefs will pay off in the long run.



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Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan


4x Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Futurist. Founder of Exploring Leadership, Employee Experience, & The Future of Work