Why The Great Resignation Is A Great Opportunity

Jacob Morgan
2 min readAug 17, 2022


Over the last few years, millions of people around the world have quit their jobs because they want more from their organizations. More pay, more engagement, more opportunities, more purpose.

This massive change is actually a great thing for employees and organizations.

At its core, the great resignation represents a shift in mentality around work. For decades, organizations and leaders assumed people needed to work for them. They could treat their employees however they wanted because employees had to be there.

But that’s no longer the case.

Today, it’s employees who have the power. They ask potential employers questions about the culture, growth opportunities, technology, mentoring, and more.

We’re seeing a fundamental shift towards creating organizations where people WANT to be there, not assuming they NEED to be there.

The great resignation is a great opportunity to change our workplace practices and think differently. It’s time to offer employees a place that provides more and where they are excited to work and make a difference every day.

Employees have made it clear that they’ll leave jobs that don’t provide the purpose, meaning, and impact they want.

This is your wake-up call. Are you listening?

I put together a video which talks about this in more detail. Please check it out below and if you want more content like this you can subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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