Vulnerability for Leaders Can Be A Superpower WHEN Approached the RIGHT Way

Over 100 CEOs and 15,000 employees around the world have shared their experiences and insights on leadership and vulnerability.

I’ve heard personal and candid stories and experiences from CEOs, some of which will shock you, make you laugh, and even make you cry.

I’ve asked CEOs what makes them feel most vulnerable and why, what vulnerability actually feels like, if vulnerability has ever been used against them, how to be vulnerable without being perceived as weak, and lots of other interesting questions.

All of these findings, stories, and research are going to be a part of a groundbreaking new book I’m working on which will explore vulnerability but specifically from a leadership perspective. The book will be released towards the second half of 2023 but I’ll share more details as the launch gets closer.

There’s been quite a lot written about vulnerability over the years but my challenge with most of the work is that the data seems to be lacking and the insights and stories from leaders themselves seems to be sparse. I want to change that.

The goal of my new book is to build on some of the foundational work that has been done on vulnerability over the years to provide more structure, tools, and frameworks for how leaders can approach vulnerability in the right way, and yes, there is a right way and a wrong way for leaders to be vulnerable.

Today is the LAST day for you to participate in the survey that I created in partnership with DDI. If you have 3 minutes please share your experiences and thoughts about vulnerability and leadership in our new survey.

You will find that the questions themselves are ones that you have likely never been asked and perhaps have not even reflected on recently. Of course if you can share the survey link around with your peers and co-workers that would be much appreciated!

Vulnerability for leaders can be a tremendous superpower but it has to be done and approached in the right way. Soon, I’ll share what that right way is.

I’m excited to share the insights with you in the coming weeks and months.

Please take 2–3 minutes and share your experiences and insights with me here.

Thank you!




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