Three Powerful Ways To Motivate Yourself At Work in 2022

Jacob Morgan
3 min readJan 6, 2022

Success at work often comes down to motivation. Your leader or co-workers can motivate you, but you have to find your fire and internal motivation at some point. At times, everyone needs help to find the motivation to push through difficult or tedious tasks to be productive and reach their goals.

Here are three powerful ways to motivate yourself at work:

  1. Set Goals. Setting goals gives you purpose and direction instead of wandering aimlessly and filling your days with busy work. Start every day by deciding the three to five big things you want to get done that day. Setting those big goals also includes smaller tasks and helps you focus on the most critical projects. You can also set goals for the week, month, or year to keep yourself on track. When you reach your goals, you’ll feel an incredible sense of accomplishment, which adds to the motivation to keep going.
  2. Seek Purpose and Meaning. You’re more likely to feel motivated and productive when you understand the impact of your work. What is the purpose and meaning behind your tasks? Some projects have a more obvious and outward-facing purpose, but it can be difficult to find meaning in routine tasks. Connect your work to a bigger purpose and think of how even those repetitive tasks play into the big picture. Get involved in your company and build relationships and find your purpose and meaning from the people around you.
  3. Reward Yourself. The pull of a future reward can be great motivation to get work done. Take time to reward yourself for your hard work. These rewards can be small, like going on a walk or getting a favorite treat, or larger, like going on vacation or to a fancy dinner. Knowing that something enjoyable is waiting for you on the other side of the work motivates and acts as a great reward for getting things done.

Staying motivated can be difficult, but if you can master this skill, you’ll open doors for incredible career and personal growth. Follow these three ways to motivate yourself and stay engaged and productive all day long.

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