Three Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Jacob Morgan
2 min readJun 17, 2021


As a leader or manager, one of your most important roles is motivating your team.

Motivated employees are more engaged, driven, and innovative. They actually want to show up and work hard to help the company reach its goals. They put in their best work and are proactive.

But motivating people can also be challenging, especially when it comes to reaching a diverse group of people.

Here are three key ways you can motivate your team:

Show Trust and Be Open

Employees are more motivated to work hard and take initiative when they feel trusted by their leaders instead of micromanaged. Let employees know what’s going on with the company and share honest updates. Give them the power to figure things out for themselves and make decisions without you.

Share the Big Picture

Employees want to know the reasons and mission behind what they are doing. When employees only see their small piece of the puzzle without knowing the overall goal or impact of the work, it can be disheartening. Having a purpose behind their work gives employees motivation to do well and go above and beyond. Share the overall goals of the company and how each employee’s work contributes to those goals.

Recognize and Reward

Too often, we single people out and recognize them for what they’ve done wrong. Instead, focus on and recognize what they are doing well. Shifting the mindset to positive reinforcement encourages and motivates employees to do their best work and celebrates effort and success instead of critiquing poor performance.

Motivating your team comes down to empowering, trusting, and rewarding employees. By emphasizing these three areas, you can motivate your teams to reach great goals.

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