This Is What The Future Of Work Looks Like And What Your Organization Should Do About It

Jacob Morgan
2 min readMay 8, 2024

Over a decade ago (in 2013) I wrote an article for Forbes where I explored how the world of work is evolving. I broke things down by past and future and looked at everything from corporate structure to where employees would work. It’s safe to say that what I envisioned was several years ahead of it’s time, you can see the image below.

As a professionally trained futurist (yes there is such a thing!) from the University of Houston, one of the things I spend a lot of time thinking about is the future of work and how it’s evolving. Contrary to popular belief, my job as a futurist isn’t to predict anything, instead, my role as a futurist is to help make sure that you aren’t surprised by what the future might bring.

I spent countless hours every year with some of the world’s top leaders asking them about what they are doing, thinking about, and paying attention to and then I look for patterns, trends, and interesting things that emerge on the horizon.

A few years, just before the pandemic, I had the chance to update the image above with a few other ideas and things that I was seeing in the world of work. It’s what I consider to be the most accurate and relevant depiction of what the future of work will look like over the next decade at least.

While the high-level concepts haven’t changed, I wanted to provide a bit more context and nuance around each one of the areas that you can see in the updated graphic below.

When organizations bring me in to give talks to their leadership teams around the future of work, this visual is oftentimes a great discussion point that I like to walk through.

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