The Managerless Company

Will companies of the future have managers?

The concept of a managerless company has been floating around for years, and companies like Morningstar Farms, Medium, and Valve did away with traditional manager titles and roles.

Managers aren’t always leaders, and they often get stuck in the daily task and people management instead of fulfilling other important roles of a leader like setting the vision and inspiring people. As managerless companies flatten their organizational structure, they empower employees, remove red tape, and allow leaders to truly lead and guide their people.

In a managerless company, employees are empowered to choose their projects instead of being assigned. Employees don’t climb the corporate ladder but are guided by coaches and mentors to create their own paths. The company’s progress is driven by employees instead of mandated by executives. Even things like pay raises are decided by employees, and promotions don’t exist because titles don’t matter.

Not every company can become a managerless company, but many are moving in that direction. Empowering employees with a strong experience and great growth opportunities, giving them a voice within the company, and prioritizing performance over titles helps move companies towards the future and create an environment where people want, not need, to show up to work.

What do you think — is the future managerless?

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