Patrick Lencioni Shares The 6 Types Of Working Genius & How To Determine Yours

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Patrick Lencioni is a best-selling author of 11 books, the most prominent being ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’. His creative mind led him to be occupied in several works before concluding college, and his first major job was at the Management Consulting Firm ‘Bain and Company’. The unveiling of his new book is on September 22nd and is called ‘The Six Types of Working Genius’.

Mr. Lencioni grew accustomed to the humane side of the business during his time at ‘Bain and Company. After some spells at Oracle and Sybase, he launched his own company and authored 11 books, with the 12th set to be revealed on September 22nd.

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The creation of ‘The Six Types of Working Genius’

After the first lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Lencioni conducted a webinar on teaching priests to be influential leaders. On one of these days of the webinar, Mr. Lencioni got frustrated with work, but a sudden idea for a new podcast lightened his mood instantly.

These mood transitions were recurring, and he opted to comprehend the triggers behind these sudden changes in his feelings. Finally, Mr. Lencioni found the six different things that cause these fluctuations in a person. The whole process of acquiring such knowledge inspired his brand new book.

A new dawn rises

The post-COVID corporate world faces several hurdles. It is a transitional period to establish innovative and effective forms of work and leadership. The impact of this novel virus was highly severe for many companies, but Mr. Lencioni insists that this new era holds hidden gems and promises.

Mr. Lencioni is a staunch supporter of a more balanced approach to personal and work life, as the benefits for the people are numerous. Various researchers have concluded that this balanced approach enhances the physical and mental health of the workers.

Nowadays, most people experience their work-life solely in a transactional mode, without tenacity and spark. The real turning point will be if an individual is extremely fired up with his/her passion. People with fiery passion can alter the perspective of the world about the advantages of today’s market.

Instead, the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 led many people to succumb to the luxury of remote working. Many employees still take advantage of this opportunity, and many offices remain empty.

According to Mr. Lencioni, the above is not productive in the long-term and is only feasible in the Customer Service sector. When a company belonging to another sector launches an innovative product or service, the entire brainstorming potential should be office-based.

Mr. Lencioni urges prospective leaders to conduct their talent acquisitions according to their companies’ vision. This is the only way to achieve something memorable and offer high-value products and services to the market.

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The Three Stages of Work

Mr. Lencioni is adamant that three primary processes occur in any work. The only variables are the time and energy required. The first process is ideation, where the company conceives a new idea. The first and the last process, which is the concept implementation, are identifiable for every company. The most intriguing process is the middle one, the activation.

The stage of activation is where the assessment of the new idea takes place. During the activation process, the executives of a company discuss and brainstorm whether this idea can be successful or not. Many companies are devoid of activation, and several hurdles arise in the first and last stages.

The vision of a leader and his company should align with the flawless implementation of the above three processes. Furthermore, proper leadership requires the communication of the importance of these three stages to the entire personnel.

If the employees comprehend the company’s aims and long-term vision, they will be more eager to fulfill the company’s vision. Therefore, a potent leader should have an act for storytelling and be able to connect humanely with his employees.

The Six Types of Working Geniuses

The first type occurring in every project is the Genius of wonder. According to Mr. Lencioni, people with the Genius of wonder have the uncanny ability to form the right questions for some subjects. These people focus on the entirety of layers comprising a given topic and are determined to acquire all the necessary knowledge.

The second type is the invention, the process of conceiving an idea. Mr. Lencioni describes the process as the answer to the questions from the first stage, which is a revitalizing process.

The third type relates to the renowned gut feeling and is called discernment. The gut feeling is not an element of the supernatural but a relatively rational approach comprising rational questions, integrative thinking, and robust conclusions. It is an instinct innate to many people, and they master it with time.

The fourth element of working geniuses is the galvanizing spirit that many people have. They have this relentless energy the entire day, and people are drawn to them due to their ability to put everyone in the group outside their comfort zone. This personality trait is indispensable in a group project.

The fifth type refers to the willingness of some team members to participate in a team effort with unstoppable positivity. This characteristic is enablement, and according to Mr. Lencioni, it is one of the most valuable assets a team member possesses. It is the embodiment of positivity and empathy.

The last but certainly, not least attribute of working geniuses is tenacity. Tenacity is the capability to organize and finish a project on time with unprecedented meticulousness. People with tenacity as their predominant trait facilitate the group to conclude a project on time and with ease.

In Wrapping Up…

The above six types of working geniuses are fundamental traits in a group project. Every person in the group contributes to the collective effort with their attributes, and the leader is responsible for delegating the tasks.

Furthermore, self-awareness is primary in the entire process, as egotistical approaches can be detrimental to the collective effort. When such problems arise, the task of an effective leader is to step in and implement a suitable solution.

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This episode is sponsored by Workplace from Meta.

Workplace is a business communication tool from Meta. Think Facebook, but for your company.

It’s part of Meta’s vision for the future of work. A future in which we’ll all feel more present, connected and productive.

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