No… Leadership Isn’t About Big Crazy Transformations!

Oftentimes, we associate leadership with something big and transformational. But few people realize that transformation isn’t something that happens overnight. Transformation is a process that takes a long time just like getting into great shape! It’s a result of gradual improvement that eventually leads to something big.

In my book, The Future Leader, one of the things I talk about is the 1% day rule. If you can improve yourself by 1% a day, by the end of the year, you’re going to be 37 times better.

Here are examples of small things that you can do to become a better leader, shared with me by world-class leaders.

  • Recognize somebody on your team — Recognizing somebody on your team can be as simple as saying “thank you.” Or it could be as simple as sending an email to praise someone on your team.

Being a great and effective leader is not often about big, crazy transformations. It’s really about the little things that you do regularly that over time, lead to a massive impact. So ask yourself, what can you do to improve by 1% a day?

What are the small things that you can do to become a better leader? Share below!

I put together a video which talks about this in more detail. Please check it out below and if you want more content like this you can subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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