New 122 Page Deloitte Report Reveals The Top Human Capital Trends For 2024: Here’s What You Need To Know

Jacob Morgan
1 min readFeb 29, 2024

A few days ago Deloitte released their massive 2024 Global Human Capital Trends Report which is a whopping 122 pages long. It’s based on a survey of 14,000 employees from 95 counties around the world. I spent a few hours going through it and pulling out the most important highlights so that you don’t have to.

The theme of the report is “Thriving beyond boundaries: Human performance in a boundaryless world.” This is something I have talked about for many years actually, the importance of creating a human-centric organization.

In the 2024 report there are 7 trends which take center stage. These are:

  1. Embracing human sustainability.
  2. Moving beyond traditional productivity metrics.
  3. The paradox of transparency
  4. Overcoming the imagination deficit.
  5. Creating digital playgrounds to explore, experiment, and play.
  6. Cultivating workplace microcultures.
  7. Making the shift to boundaryless HR.

Let’s explore each one and what this means for you.

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