Navigating Mentorship In The Workplace

Jacob Morgan
1 min readFeb 21, 2024

After interviewing over 100 CEOs and surveying 14,000 employees, I have compiled 3 podcast episodes that will help you find out what the right way to navigate valuable mentor/mentee relationships is and how to implement them to best serve you as an effective leader.

  1. 3 KEY Questions Every Mentee Needs To Ask Their Mentor AND 3 KEY Questions Mentors Need To Ask Their Mentees
  2. 13 Roles Leaders Need To Practice To Be A Great Mentor
  3. Coaching and Mentoring Different Generations at Work

In the first episode, you will kickstart your workplace communication by mastering six critical questions: three for mentors and three for mentees. Leaders will be guided through incorporating these pivotal conversations into your interactions, significantly improving dialogue efficiency and enriching your professional connections.

In the second episode, you will learn about 13 crucial roles to adopt when mentoring your team and how they will strengthen your approach in the long-run.

In the third episode, we delve into the complexities leaders face when coaching and mentoring across generations in the workplace. This guide offers strategies for adapting your leadership style to meet the diverse needs and work styles of your team, ensuring effective mentorship for every generation.



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