Leaders Can’t Be Scared To Take A Stance

Too many leaders live life in the neutral gray area. Instead of taking a stance, they straddle the fence so they don’t offend anyone.

That’s no way to live or lead.

People are often afraid to take a stance because they don’t want to upset others and cause a disagreement. Leaders are worried about alienating their employees and customers.

But that’s not the big fear leaders should have.

Instead, leaders should be afraid that their people don’t understand what they believe in to begin with.

Modern leaders can’t afford to not take a stance. You have to move beyond the neutral area to stand for something. Employees and customers care about knowing what you stand for and value.

There are so many issues facing the world today that we can’t sit back and not do anything. Leaders must use their influence to take action and improve the world. There’s nothing worse than your people not knowing what you stand for.

The risk of upsetting others by taking a stand is nothing compared to the risk of staying neutral.

Get out of the neutral area and take a stance.

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Now more than ever we need to take a step back to define what it means to be a leader and what great leadership looks like. But this isn’t easy to do. In fact, many business leaders struggle with this. You cannot become and build what you don’t define. In the PDF you will get a framework you can follow and also see how some of the world’s top CEOs define leadership. Click here to get the PDF.


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