Is Your Company Viewed Positively? It Matters to Employees

Is your company viewed positively? It matters… a lot!

Making sure your organization is viewed positively can keep employees happy and proud to be associated with your brand.

Have you ever dated someone you thought was a great catch, and then all of your friends and family told you that they didn’t like them? Even if you thought this person was “the one,” you started to have doubts and reservations about them. The same is true in the business world.

Imagine you start working for a company that you think is a great fit. One day, you head over to dinner with friends and family. They find out where you work and say things to you like…

“How could you work for a place like that?”

“Are you sure you want to be there?”

“I’d never be able to work there no matter how much someone paid me.”

And this happens to you a few times as you go out with different friends.

Eventually, you will start having doubts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you will quit the company, but your overall employee experience will be affected negatively.

And this isn’t just about employees viewing the company positively, but the public as well. We live in a transparent world, so people tend to find out when an organization does something wrong or unethical.

Similarly, when an organization is admired and revered, people want to work there.

Sometimes organizations aren’t viewed positively because they are simply engaging in poor business practices, but other times organizations don’t do a good enough job of letting the world know what they stand for, why they do what they do, and what it’s like to work there. In either case, the situation needs to be corrected.

Now contrast the above scenario to a similar one where people find out where you work at a dinner party and respond with…

“Wow, I wish I could get a job there.”

“That place is terrific, they are doing a lot of good in the world.”

“You should really be proud to work there.”

Now your overall employee experience gets a nice boost.

I used to think that lists that highlight the best or greatest companies to work for had no real business merit. However, they actually have an impact on the overall brand perception of the organization and on the overall employee experience. Employees feel a greater sense of pride when they work for one of these awarded organizations, and it also appears that they stay there longer.

This doesn’t mean your goal should be simply to make every list that’s out there. That would be nice, but it’s far more important to understand what the organization wants to be known for and effectively tell the story and build the employer brand around it.

It’s not just what happens in your office that happens — how employees and the world view your organization also matters.

I put together a video which I hope will inspire and motivate you!

Please check it out below and if you want more content like this you can subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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