How To Get Your Team To Embrace New Technology

Jacob Morgan
3 min readFeb 11, 2021

Change is hard.

Don’t believe me? Try getting your team to accept new workplace technology.

No matter how good the new system is, people will still push back and refuse to use it.

It’s not just about giving employees the tools — companies also have to train employees on the technology and teach them how the new tools will improve their work.

Employees often continue using outdated technology because they are familiar with it from using it for so long. Making the shift to something new, even if it is better and easier, is still hard.

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One way to get your team to embrace new technology is through learning and training programs. Many companies have technology-related training programs that allow employees to either test new software or be trained on all of the features of the new technology. Giving employees opportunities to learn at work can get them on board with the new technology. When they see its value and know how to use it, the technology becomes less overwhelming.

PwC set the gold standard for this approach with its Digital Accelerator Program. In an effort to digitally up-skill its tens of thousands of employees around the globe, PwC built the Digital Fitness App. Employees take a quiz to find their technology strengths and weaknesses, and then the app pushes content related to the areas of technology they need to learn more about, including things like the Internet of Things, AR, and automation.

Not all companies have technology training programs, so employees may have to take learning into their own hands by finding the gaps in their technology understanding and learning new skills. With YouTube videos, podcasts, Ted Talks, online learning modules, and many more options, it’s never been easier to learn new skills without a huge investment of time and money. Staying up to date on new technology and learning those skills can provide great opportunities for future growth.

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Many companies also use reverse mentoring around technology. These programs typically feature a younger employee mentoring a more senior employee about various technology tools. Reverse mentoring fosters a community and culture where employees feel comfortable going to each other for technology help.

Getting new technology is only half the battle — you then have to get your team to embrace it. By focusing on the value of the new technology and providing resources for training and development, you can help your teams overcome the learning curve and stay on top of new technology.

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