How To Design Multiple Workplace Options to Boost Employee Morale

Jacob Morgan
3 min readAug 25, 2022

For years, companies battled over the best office layout. Did an open concept design invite collaboration or distraction? Did closed floor plans increase productivity? Both sides thought they were right.

There’s not one single type of workplace that works for every employee and situation. We’ve definitely seen that with more employees working from home and embracing unconventional workspaces. Employees need access to environments that enable them to do their best work.

The world of work isn’t linear or cookie cutter. Things are constantly changing, which means workspaces must adapt accordingly.

Successful organizations create multiple floor plans to give their employees options. It’s not just a single type of work environment, but about giving employees options depending on their projects, personality, and mood.

Here are three ways to design multiple workplace options:

  1. Observe how employees work and where they work. Are there certain areas employees tend to congregate or places they avoid? What tools and spaces would help employees do their jobs better? You can’t design effective workspaces if you don’t know what employees need.
  2. Get employee feedback around the types of environments they would like to use, including virtual. Employees use the space daily, so their voice needs to be heard in the design. They will likely have ideas many leaders haven’t considered.
  3. Think beyond open or closed floor plans. Instead, view your organization like a house where each room serves a specific purpose. You don’t sleep in the kitchen or bathe in the dining room; similarly, an office should have a place for collaborating, working privately, chatting, and accessing video tools.

There’s no single blueprint for a successful workplace design. But by involving employees and providing options, you can create a forward-focused workspace that meets employees’ changing needs.

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