How To Design Multiple Workplace Options to Boost Employee Morale

Jacob Morgan
2 min readNov 27, 2022


Employees need access to environments that enable them to do their best work.

That doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everyone in cubicles or creating an open floor plan for the entire office. We’re moving away from working in a linear, monotonous world, so our workplaces must also adapt.

Instead of creating just one type of workplace, most forward-thinking organizations create multiple types of work areas to give employees options. These companies don’t force all employees to work in the same type of space and even open it up so employees can move around throughout the day.

Open, collaborative spaces for team brainstorming sessions.

Relaxing spaces to chat with co-workers.

Quiet areas for focused work.

The list goes on and on — even including the option for employees to work remotely.

Providing multiple workplace options boosts employee morale by allowing them to choose where to do their best work. To create multiple workplace options, start by observing how and where your employees work. Is there an area where people congregate? Do most people prefer to work alone or with others?

Then, get employee feedback around the types of environments they would like to use, including virtual. Employees may suggest a type of workplace not currently in the office or open your eyes to new ways of working.

Think beyond open or closed floor plans. Instead, view your organization like a house where each room serves a specific purpose. You don’t do everything in one room of the house or force everyone to stay in that room, so follow that same mindset with your office.

As the world of work evolves, employees need places to do their best work and get results. Get the most out of your people and create an engaging experience by providing multiple workplace options.

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