How To Change A Corporate Culture With Kate Johnson, CEO of Lumen Technologies

Jacob Morgan
3 min readJul 10


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Today’s episode is with Kate Johnson, the CEO of Lumen Technologies, a telecommunications company that provides network services and solutions to businesses and government organizations with around 29,000 employees and headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. Known for her visionary leadership and her remarkable ability to drive change, Johnson has been instrumental in reshaping the corporate culture at Lumen. Kate was previously the president of Microsoft U.S. where she helped lead the companies transformation from a “know it all” company to a “learn it all” company.

In our conversation, we delve into the heart of corporate culture transformation and explore the pivotal role that leadership plays in driving such profound change.

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Throughout our discussion, we cover several important topics. From the significance of establishing a clear mission and assembling the right leadership team, as exemplified in Johnson’s transformation strategy at Lumen, to the fundamental shift in mindset required for a company to thrive in today’s dynamic environment. We also venture into the realm of third-party assessments and their crucial role in identifying performance gaps, thus facilitating the necessary cultural change within an organization. Additionally, we explore the transformative power of open dialogue, vulnerability, and resilience in fostering a culture that not only embraces change but propels growth.

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