How Leaders Can Thrive In The Future Of Work

Business leaders are always looking ahead to see what’s coming in the future of work.

But now, those changes are coming faster than ever. Things that used to seem five to 10 years away are happening within weeks and months.

It takes a new approach to leadership to thrive in this fast-paced future of work.

Jeff Schwartz, U.S. Leader for the Future of Work at Deloitte, believes we’re at the beginning of the next chapter of the future of work. We have the technology in place and will now see the implementation and scaling of that technology in the new ways of working.

It’s about implementing the changes we’ve made at scale and putting them at the center of how organizations operate.

Jeff says leaders can do three things to take advantage of the changes in the future of work:

  1. Recognize the role of leaders to deliver value, not just save money. Leaders are responsible for making change, not just maintaining the status quo. Big changes in the economy come not just from cost savings and productivity but from innovation, new value, and creating new sources of meaning.

Leaders today have more opportunities than ever before. Thriving in the new world of work means taking advantage of those opportunities and creating better workplace practices and more engaged people.

Leaders who embrace the future of work and adapt their mindset will thrive and lead their teams to great success.

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Jacob Morgan


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