How COVID Has Transformed Flexible Work From “Nice To Have”​ To “Must Have”​

Flexible work isn’t a new concept, in fact, in one of my previous articles titled “It’s Official, The 9-to-5 Workday is Dead…Actually…It’s Been Dead For Years,” I talked about how it’s been around for a few decades.

But here’s the thing…

…Flexible work used to not be that flexible!

Although organizations have offered flexible work programs in the past, employees who took advantage of them were oftentimes stigmatized as being lazy, disengaged, and not loyal to the company.

After all, why would an engaged and loyal employee NOT want to come into the office right?

This was the sentiment echoed by WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani who recently said, “Those who are least engaged are very comfortable working from home.”

His comments sparked backlash and memes from many other tech CEOs.

But I digress…

The point is that how we think about flexible work has changed, it’s now the new standard for how things get done and it’s being pushed to the max as the pandemic has completely blurred work and life.

The following image captures the shift we are seeing.

Remember that flexible work is not the same thing as remote work. I still do believe that there is a place for in person work.

Flexible work is about freedom for when, where, and how employees around the world get work done.

Flexible Work =The Future Of Work = Now

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