Too many leaders live life in the neutral gray area. Instead of taking a stance, they straddle the fence so they don’t offend anyone.

That’s no way to live or lead.

People are often afraid to take a stance because they don’t want to upset others and cause a disagreement. Leaders are worried about alienating their employees and customers.

But that’s not the big fear leaders should have.

Instead, leaders should be afraid that their people don’t understand what they believe in to begin with.

Modern leaders can’t afford to not take a stance. You have to move beyond the…

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I know…the title was total clickbait, but it worked right?

I’ll be honest, this is a book pitch…

I want you to buy my latest book, The Future Leader.

But you know who else wants you to buy it? The leaders of the world’s top companies, and YOUR leaders, and YOUR team members!


Because we don’t have enough future-ready leaders around the world and this is simply put, a cold…hard…fact.

  • According to a survey of 25,000 leaders around the world done by DDI, only 42% of organizations said that the overall quality of leadership inside of their organizations was…

When most people think of being rich, they think of having lots of money and being able to buy whatever they want and travel the world.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I would see fancy cars and big houses and think those people were so rich. I dreamed of one day having what those people had — I wanted to be rich.

But just because someone has those nice things doesn’t mean they are happy. …

Mark Dixon is the founder & CEO of International Workplace Group (IWG), formerly known as Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. They have over 3,300 locations and 15,000 team members in 120 countries around the world.

Mark has a unique and diverse background leading up to his current role. He actually dropped out of school at the age of 16 to start a business delivering sandwiches by bicycle. He has been a logger, a miner, a barman, an investor, and a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman — all before founding IWG in 1989.

He always knew he wanted to…

My parents would always tell me stories of the tough times they had to go through living in The Republic of Georgia and my response would always be “ya, ya, I get it.”

Until finally I got older and had the opportunity to visit where my parents came from and how they lived.

My mom lived in a toolshed with 4 other members of her family.

My dad lived with his family in a tiny studio apartment with a slanted floor and I don’t meant a slight tilt, I mean slanted, like one of those mystery houses.

By all accounts…

I’ve worked with and spoken with a lot of CEOs over the years.

I don’t say that to brag, but to give context around something that I have noticed.

I always like to ask leaders I meet, a lot of questions. Mainly because I’m genuinely curious about things and I always like to learn, but also because I’m always looking for patterns and trends. I suppose this is what being an avid chess player does to you :)

There’s always was one question leaders have a harder time answering…

But first, some context.

Over the past 18 months, I had…

Lots of people around the world turn to the U.S. when it comes to guidance around things like leadership, workspace design, and forward thinking business practices. But does the U.S. have the best leaders?

Read on…

Will the leader of 2030 be that different than today and if so how? These were the two questions I wanted to answer in my new book, The Future Leader. I wrote the book before COVID-19 and now the insights and the research are especially more relevant since leaders are having to adapt and change quickly!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much research or data on…

Leadership has always been challenging, but the future of work will bring fresh challenges to future leaders especially after the events of 2020 which we are still feeling now.

Over the next decade, leaders will have to face obstacles and challenges not faced by current or past leaders. But what are those challenges and what should current and aspiring leaders do about them?

As part of the research for my new book, The Future Leader, I interviewed more than 140 top CEOs from around the world and surveyed more than 14,000 employees in partnership with LinkedIn. …

I remember when I first got asked to give a talk on my new book The Future Leader.

The book wasn’t even done yet but the company that brought me in was really excited to be the first one in the world to hear the research, the ideas, and the concepts that I spent the past 18 months working on.

To say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement.

I never shared this stuff with anyone before!

But, it ended up being one of my favorite presentations I’ve given and I wanted to share it with you. …

COVID and the events of 2020 (up to now) have forever changed how we think about leadership and what it means to be a leader. I don’t think anyone will dispute that.

In fact, leadership was already transforming BEFORE 2020.

Over the past few years I was able to interview over 140 CEOs around the world from companies like Oracle, Unilever, Kaiser, MasterCard, Best Buy, Verizon, Audi, KPMG, and many others.

From all of the questions I asked them there was one that they had trouble answering, and that was…

“How do you define leader and leadership?”

Sounds weird right? After all, these are some of the…

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