8 Ways To Conquer Depression

Jacob Morgan
4 min readNov 9, 2021


Do you ever focus on the worst-case scenario or feel like things will never get better?

If so, you aren’t alone.

People who suffer from depression and anxiety have spent their entire lives finding ways to cope with the mental and emotional burden, only to have COVID change or eliminate resources.

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And with all the stress and uncertainty of the past few years, more people are experiencing depression.

It takes daily work and effort to overcome feelings of depression and move more towards hope and optimism.

Here are eight things Blake does regularly to conquer depression:

1. Record your feelings. This could be in written form or on a voice memo. Record how you’re feeling and what is happening in your day and with your mood. As you read or listen back, you will be able to recognize patterns and triggers in your emotions.

2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. It only takes a few seconds to slow down and re-set. Taking a few deep breaths takes the edge off of difficult situations and helps you see the world clearly and more calmly.

3. Stop numbing yourself. Don’t try to fill the emptiness with your phone. Get off your device and give yourself time to think and process your emotions. Take time throughout the day to not do anything.

4. Stop hanging out with people who make you feel bad. You don’t owe anyone anything. If someone is constantly bringing you down, put some distance between you and them to improve your mental and emotional state.

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5. Take yourself out of situations that make you feel bad. You don’t have to participate in things that drain you. Remove yourself from the situation and take a step back.

6. Make time for yourself. Don’t just focus on other people — take time for self-care, relaxation, and doing things you enjoy so you don’t get burnt out.

7. Do the thing that scares you, even if you lose sleep over it. Taking the step to do big and small things can push you out of a mental fog. Challenging yourself is the opposite of depression and helps you feel brave and positive about yourself.

8. It’s ok to admit you don’t love something you’re supposed to love. Just because you were taught to follow a certain path doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t live life on someone else’s terms. Embrace what makes you unique and chart your own course.

Do the things every day that pull you out of depression and help you feel hopeful, even in the darkness. As you show up for yourself every day, you’ll be in a better place to help others and lead a joyful life.

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