8 Leadership Trends of 2024: #7 Political, Economic, and Geopolitical Issues

Jacob Morgan
3 min readMay 24, 2024


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A few weeks ago I put up a poll on LinkedIn where I asked people what their top challenge or concern was for 2024 from a leadership perspective. This was the #1 choice by a far and by a clear margin. External business factors are having a profound impact on internal leadership approaches. Never before have we seen external factors play such a crucial role internally.

Navigating the complexities of geopolitical, economic, and political issues is becoming increasingly crucial for leaders in today’s global business environment. These external factors have profound impacts on market conditions, supply chains, consumer behavior, and overall business strategy.

Understanding and responding to these dynamics can differentiate between thriving and merely surviving in the competitive landscape. Leaders must stay informed about global events, anticipate how shifts in power, policy changes, and economic trends worldwide may affect their operations, and develop strategies to mitigate risks associated with these uncertainties. This requires a nuanced approach to strategic planning that incorporates geopolitical risk assessment and agility in decision-making.

By fostering partnerships and maintaining flexibility in their business models, leaders can navigate these challenges more effectively. Engaging with experts in international relations, economics, and political analysis can also provide valuable insights, helping leaders make informed decisions that safeguard their interests and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Adapting to the geopolitical, economic, and political context is not just about risk management; it’s also about identifying and seizing opportunities for growth that arise from the changing global landscape.

What you should do

  • Read geopolitical, political, and economics news and discuss headlines with peers and leaders.
  • Develop a culture of agility which builds on another trend around focusing on skills instead of jobs.
  • Cultivate a mindset of curiosity where employees are encouraged to ask questions, challenge ideas, and explore how external factors might impact internal strategies

Stay tuned for the eighth leadership trend, Envisioning (Thinking like a Futurist) that I will share with you next week!

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