6 Tips For When You Get Burned Out From Work

Jacob Morgan
3 min readApr 21, 2021



No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee in an organization, chances are you’ve experienced burnout.

It happens to everyone, especially when we pour so much of our time and energy into working our jobs.

But instead of pushing through burnout and letting it grow and snowball, it’s important to combat it and allow yourself to refresh and rejuvenate.

Here are six tips for when you experience burnout. These are things I’ve done throughout my career — some even as recently as today — to fight the inevitable feeling of burnout.

  1. Pay attention to the signs. Take time to evaluate what’s causing your burnout and how it makes you feel. When you’re self-aware enough to know the signs, you can prevent burnout before it grows.
  2. Rest. Just like you would rest a physical injury instead of pushing through the pain, you need to rest your mind and body to overcome burnout. Take a break. Trying to power through the burnout will only make it worse.
  3. Do the easy work. When you start to experience burnout, put your detailed and involved tasks on the backburner and instead focus on tasks that don’t require as much creativity or brainpower. That way, you’re still getting things done, but it isn’t adding to your mental load.
  4. Find an outlet. Take up a hobby or activity you genuinely enjoy doing, like drawing, meditating, or playing chess. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it excites you and gives you a chance to recharge and focus on something other than work.
  5. Delegate. Determine the tasks that are causing your burnout and delegate them to other people. When you offload things that cause burnout, you have more time to focus on the tasks you enjoy doing.
  6. Get support. Turn to your network of friends, family, and other entrepreneurs to talk through your burnout. Work can be isolating, so reach out to people for human interaction and support when you start feeling overwhelmed.

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These six tips can help you turn around when you experience burnout. You owe it to yourself to address burnout instead of letting it run its course. Be proactive when you start feeling burned out and stop to take care of yourself. When you address burnout and follow these tips, you will feel more energized and better prepared to do great work.

No matter where you are in your career, you’ll inevitably face burnout. Knowing what to do when that happens with these six tips can make all the difference and turn that burnout into a well-deserved break that helps you come back better than ever.

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