6 Levels of Being an Amazing Listener

Jacob Morgan
2 min readApr 2, 2021

When you have a conversation with someone, are you listening or just hearing?

There’s a dramatic difference between actively listening to someone and simply hearing. The ability to be a great listener is one of the most important skills for future leaders.

Research from Zenger Folkman defined six levels of listening. Being aware of these levels can help leaders become better listeners who are more engaged in their conversations.

When an employee needs help or has a question, they need to be able to talk to a leader and feel they are really being listened to. Leaders have a great impact in how they listen to their people — there’s no greater form of respect than truly listening to what people are saying.

To succeed as a future leader, practice active listening. Go through this list to get to the top level of being an amazing listener.

In this video, I share each of the six levels and how you can work towards being an amazing listener.

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