5 Signs You Work For a Truly Great Leader

Not all leaders are created equal.

Some leaders are stuck in the old way of thinking about leadership with command and control structure and rigid rules. In this mindset, managers are like juicers and employees are the fruit — the role of the manager is to get every ounce of juice out of their people, regardless of how it affects the employees.

But a new wave of leaders is changing how we’ve thought about leadership for decades with a focus on people and progress instead of rules and protocols.

Working for a great leader who encompasses this new mindset is completely different than working for a leader who is focused on command and control.

Here are five signs you work for a truly great leader:

Coaches believe in lifting up employees, removing obstacles from their paths, and helping them become more successful than they are. Great leaders want their people to succeed and do whatever they can to make it happen.

Truly great leaders understand the strengths of their employees and do what they can to make those strengths shine. They realize that no employee is perfect but emphasize the positive instead of harping on the negative.

Great leaders want to get to know you as a person, not as simply someone who is filling a role on a team. They value your unique background, experiences, and perspectives.

Great leaders realize that people want to work for a human, not a robot. There is nothing more human than being vulnerable, and modern leaders are authentic and real.

Instead of sticking to how things have always been done, great leaders welcome experimentation and challenge the status quo.

If you work for a great leader who embraces these characteristics and mindsets, learn from them and contribute to the collaborative and inclusive culture. If you work for a leader who is stuck in the old way of leading, it may be time for a change.

Leadership is changing, and great leaders who support, encourage, and challenge their employees will lead the wave of the future.

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