4 Things to Consider When Building A Team

Building a successful team is more than just throwing people together and hoping magic happens.

It requires considering the needs of your company and customers and the role of each team member. And it often takes trial and error to put the right people together. But once you’ve found the balance of people and set the proper structure, that’s when the magic happens.

Here are four things to consider when building a team:

Successful teams include people who look, act, and think differently. When everyone comes from the same background and has the same perspectives, they’re less likely to challenge each other and come up with fresh and innovative ideas. Diversity increases representation to solve problems or create opportunities for customers and stakeholders. Plus, it matters financially. Diverse leadership teams have 19% higher revenue than non-diverse teams.

A team that is too large can become stagnant and lose the ability to collaborate well. Amazon follows the two-pizza rule — if two large pizzas won’t feed the team, that team is too big. Smaller teams are more agile and can move quickly.

Building a team is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Everyone has their own shape and skills, and the goal is to put people together in a way that complements and supports one another to create a cohesive final result.

Having a goal keeps the team moving forward together. Many teams use OKRs (objectives and key results), where objectives are the big goals, and key results are the metrics that drive the team to that objective. Emphasizing measurement increases transparency and invites feedback.

Successful teams help build successful companies. Strategically building teams can improve your organization’s culture, innovation, and results.

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