4 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes For How To Approach Vulnerability At Work

Jacob Morgan
3 min readFeb 28, 2024

On my podcast, Great Leadership With Jacob Morgan, I’ve interviewed over a thousand leaders and thinkers. Today, I want to share the top 4 episodes that teach you how to approach vulnerability in the workplace. These are must-know lessons whether you’re an employee wondering how to navigate vulnerability or if you’re a leader unsure how to effectively communicate with others.

Why Vulnerability At Work Hurts You: An Inside Look Into My New Book ‘Leading With Vulnerability’

I released a new book in October that is based on 100 CEO interviews and a survey of 14,000 employees, looking at why vulnerability for leaders is not the same as it is for everyone else and why vulnerability at work can actually cause more harm than good. In this episode, you will gain actionable insights on how to approach vulnerability so that you can create trust, unlock potential, drive business performance, and lead through change. Listen on Apple Podcasts

CEO Of Hyatt Hotels On How Being Vulnerable And Practicing Empathy Transformed Him & His Company

Mark Hoplamazian is the CEO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation and in this discussion he shares the impact that the pandemic had on his employees. Mark also touches on the importance of mental health and well-being, both for employees and guests.

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She Leads More Than 170,000 Employees In The United States: Leading With Vulnerability Has Become Her Superpower!

Lara Abrash is the Chair of the Board at Deloitte US, a leading global provider of financial advisory and other related services with over 171,000 employees. In this episode Lara opens up about the unexpected strengths of vulnerability in shaping company culture, innovation, and growth. Listen on Apple podcasts

Vulnerability and Victory with CEO of Belden, Roel Vestjens

Roel Vestjens is the Former CEO of Belden, a global leading provider of power cables for a variety of signaling applications, including data, video and sound. In this episode, Roel emphasizes humility, openness, and the important balance between vulnerability and strength. Listen on Apple podcasts

These 4 episodes will give you a complete breakdown of how to approach being vulnerable in the workplace while still pushing boundaries as a strong leader in the workplace.

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What kind of a leader are you? There are 5 types of vulnerable leaders, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what kind of leader you are helps you determine who you should work with, the types of projects you should work on, and how you deal with challenges and opportunities. In my new book, Leading With Vulnerability, I interviewed over 100 CEOs around the world and surveyed nearly 14,000 employees in partnership with DDI.

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