3 Things Leaders Do

Jacob Morgan
2 min readSep 18, 2021


I’ve interviewed hundreds of the top leaders around the world. And although each person has unique habits and personalities, they also have much in common. I narrowed it down to three key things leaders do to help make them great. These actions might not seem huge, but they have a tremendous impact on their leadership skills.

Here are three things that great leaders do:

They take time for themselves.

Great leaders spend time meditating, journaling, exercising, or enjoying a hobby. That time to themselves allows them to see the big picture and reflect on how they can grow and improve. Taking time for themselves helps leaders be in top form to help their people and their organizations.

They have goals.

Leaders set both daily goals and long-term goals for themselves and their companies. They visualize their days and are always working towards something greater. Without goals, it’s easy to flounder and not have a set direction.

They spend time with people.

Great leaders don’t stay in their corner offices. They are on the ground interacting with all sorts of people, including frontline employees and customers. These leaders don’t just spend time with their peers, but instead interact with diverse groups, pop in on meetings, and ask questions to get a sense of what’s really happening in their companies.

These three actions set great leaders apart from mediocre or bad leaders. Taking time for themselves, setting goals, and spending time with other people helps great well-rounded leaders who can have a great impact.

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