3 Reasons Why Your List Is Your Livelihood

  1. Your list is the revenue for your company. Your list isn’t full of emails from random people — these are qualified warm leads you’ve already engaged with in some capacity. These are the people who will buy your products and services and grow your revenue. No matter where you are in growing your business, it’s never too late to start building your list.
  2. Your list is full of warm leads. There is normally an arc where people learn about you, research your company, and decide to make a purchase. As you engage with a lead more and more, the lead gets warmer. The people on your list already have some kind of relationship with you — you’ve had a phone call with them, shared content with them, or engaged with them online somehow. The more you interact with them, the more likely they are to make a purchase.
  3. Your list can evolve with your business. Because the people on your list have already shown they are interested in you and your business, you can continue to sell them products as you evolve your business and offer new products. As you launch new products or services, reach back out to your list to make a sale. It’s easier to sell to people who already know you, even as your business changes.
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Jacob Morgan

Jacob Morgan


4x Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Futurist. Founder of FutureOfWorkUniversity.com. Exploring Leadership, Employee Experience, & The Future of Work